Welcome to Hub!
An Introduction to the Platform

What is Hub and how do I use it?

Hub takes Mogo Client Tools to the next level. It’s an automated platform designed with our customers in mind to make your campaign experience better than ever.

Here’s what to look forward to with Hub:

  • Hub allows you to upload all of your creative via a step-by-step guide to help launch campaigns quicker, with less possibility for error
  • You still have access to the same real-time dashboards to keep an eye on your campaigns’ progress

As we continue to evolve Hub, you can look forward to increased functionality. For now, it’s primary purpose is to facilitate uploading creative assets for your campaigns.


How do I upload creative assets in the new Hub platform?

Uploading your creative is even easier with Hub. To upload your creative:

  1. Click “Review” on the Hub homepage under “unfinished campaigns”; you can also access campaigns using the “My Campaigns” tab
  2. Select the campaign you would like to add creative assets to by clicking the campaign name
  3. Under “Upload Assets,” you will notice the size and type of assets are already embedded by your Account Strategist. All you have to do is upload the correct file to the corresponding space allotted. Simply select “Upload,” and you will be prompted to pull the file from your computer
  4. If you accidentally uploaded the incorrect size creative, don’t fret! You will receive an error message prompting you to upload the proper size (note: this does not apply for HTML5)
  5. After you’ve uploaded all creative, you will need to enter a destination URL where the creative will link to if clicked (typically, this will be your company website)
  6. Once you’ve completed uploading, select “Next” at the bottom of the page, which will take you to “Review Your Campaign.” To view the creative you have just uploaded, select the linked file and you will be able to see the image
  7. If everything looks good on your end, click “Next” and your assets will shoot over to your Account Strategist who will take the campaign from there and follow up with any questions

If you have any questions about Hub, you can reach out to your Account Strategist or email us at hello@mogointeractive.com.