Creative Marketing Tactics for Non-profits That Don’t Cost a Dime

For non-profit organizations with limited time and resources, it’s important to find effective affordable ways of communicating with your audience. With Americans spending 12 hours a day in front of screens, your most effective channels will be (surprise!) online. Luckily, these tools are readily available and often free but your success hinges on how well you use them. Here are five of our favorite free creative marketing tips to help you get started.

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Collaboration Drives Success, Not Competition: Exploring MogoARTS Audience Exchange

As digital marketing partner to more than 100 Arts organizations, we know that Arts patrons are often omnivores: while they are certainly loyal to their favorite organizations, they are also open to new experiences! We have also recognized how organizations have taken advantage of this patron behavior through collaboration, not competition, in order to drive sales and find new audiences.

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MogoARTS & Google Video Summit: Building a Better Marketing Strategy Through Programmatic TV

We have all been witness to the massive shift from traditional media consumption to digital alternatives. The last bastion of this has long been TV, where eyes have been glued, but that is all changing now. This change is putting consumers in control of how they consume TV content, as well as creating exciting opportunities for marketers to reach these consumers in ways we could have never imagined.

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