Center Screen

Welcome to Center Screen! MogoARTS partners with incredible organizations who in response to these unprecedented times, have brought art to our living rooms. We are sharing a curated collection of that streaming content that we have lovingly named, Center Screen. We are proud to showcase our partners and bring the arts community together. We know the show will go on, but for now, it’ll continue right at home!

Each week we will be highlighting new featured content and events from our community. “Arts opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.” – Julia Cameron.

This Week (May 18-25)

On May 20th 4:00-5:00PM EDT, venture backstage with Actors Theatre of Louisville and Director of Production Paul Werner to get a close view of what happens backstage in a theatre.

Join Omaha Community Playhouse’s Dinner and a Play at home on May 22nd at 7:30 PM CT for the live stream of One Way to Mars. The streaming link will be available after!

Symphony at Home concert series by WSO is in partnership with Radio Kansas. Every Friday night at 7:00PM CT through May 22, tune in to Radio Kansas or listen online to hear some of our favorite programs from the last 10 years with Maestro Daniel Hege, hosted by Katelyn Mattson-Levy.

The Flynn is currently offering pay-what-you-can online dance classes at the suggested cost of $10/class. To register for a class at any amount other than $10, including $0.


Arts Club Theatre Co is offering free online workshop classes every Wednesday through Zoom from one of their Arts Club instructors. Play theatre games, connect with other drama lovers, and learn more about theatre.

AURORA CONNECTS is a weekly live broadcast by Aurora Theatre Company on Fridays at 4:00PST. AURORA CONNECTS is streamed live on their YouTube channel, allowing you to react, comment, ask questions, and engage in real time.

Every Thursday, Opera Colorado will be sharing their Opera Colorado Archives to share some of the best performances from the last three decades.

Every Sunday at 6:00PM CDT, join Auditorium Theatre at #StreamingSundays featuring their performers. The Livestream will be done through their Facebook Live.

The RPO concerts will be broadcasted every Monday at 8:00PM EST, available streaming at

Every week, Soulpepper Theatre will be posting live streamed content like online script readings for you to enjoy at home!

Arts Club’s Live From Home are live performances by their talented performers from home! Posted twice a week, follow along to see these talented artists.

Explore the music of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra from your own home through BSO Podcasts! From performances of the stellar Off The Cuff series (released every Tuesday) from our archive to Classical Insights (released every Saturday) from Program Director Jonathan Palevsky

FWSO has created The Music Lab to provide a unique opportunity engage with musicians, staff and sponsors beyond the walls of Bass Hall. There will be weekly content all communities can access to grow musically, discover archived, live or curated performances and generally connect with other music lovers.

Through Beethoven Explained, Nashville Symphony Music Director Giancarlo Guerrero returns to Facebook Live every Wednesday at 6:00PM CT to present a series of weekly lectures and Q&A sessions on Beethoven’s nine symphonies, along with his choral masterpiece Missa Solemnis.

Oregon Symphony’s new series, minute for music. A couple of times every week, they will post video content by Oregon Symphony musicians either playing a favorite piece, sharing favorite music, or it may simply be a “day in the life of…”!

Fridays at Five is a new series of weekly pre-recorded concerts that aspire to connect you – to music, to musicians, to the warm and unique feeling of experiencing live music at the SFJAZZ Center. You can sign up for $5.00 a month for a digital membership to gain access!

Symphony at Home concert series by WSO is in partnership with Radio Kansas. Every Friday night at 7:00PM CT through May 22, tune in to Radio Kansas or listen online to hear some of our favorite programs from the last 10 years with Maestro Daniel Hege, hosted by Katelyn Mattson-Levy.

ZACH Now! brings you musicals, plays, performance clips, and new artist collaborations—updated weekly, all for free!

Upcoming Events

Every Thursday at 7:30PM EDT until May 28th, join Triad Stage brings the thrilling story, Edward, Too, to life for listening. at home!

The #ArsNovaForever Telethon will run from June 12-13 for 24 hours streaming live performances featuring late-night dance parties, a kid-friendly Saturday morning special and more!

On Going

Through Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Play On! virtual resources, they are offering free workshops, monologues by actors from ASF and more!

Interact at Home by ACT Theater has fun at home activities like Take 10, which features fun interactive games and Takes on a Scene where atists provide commentary on a specific scene from a recent A.C.T. production.

Alley Theatre is presenting Alley @ Home a collection of their online resources with features like designer talks, meet the playwrights, and other fun segments!

Join Arts Club Theatre In the Wings as they present interviews, shop talks and more!

Arvada Center’s Black Box Series features directors and the cast hosting post-show talkbacks virtually in their living rooms – so everyone can revisit this season’s productions in their own homes! 

Bach Festival Society’s Artistic Director and Conductor, John V. Sinclair has introduced a regular series of blog entries called “Musical Moments”. In them, he shares a recorded song and explains what makes it a great work and the meaning it conveys.

Join Baltimore Symphony Orchestra with BSO Offstage for podcasts, recordings, activities and at home performances!

Join Boston Ballet and Stay Connected through prerecorded and live rehearsals while keeping up with the dancers!

Check out Bucks County Playhouse’s new segment Playhouse Live with recordings of live broadcasts available on Vimeo!

Now, More Than Ever is Cal Performances’ series of performing arts videos for a time of physical distancing. These recordings of serve as a reminder of the performing arts’ ability to express the power and potential of the human spirit.

Cal Shakes Online unites artists and audiences through resources and programming to help bring entertainment and joy.

Canaidan Opera Comapny’s #OperaAtHome is an initiative to share one clip every day on to help bring opera to your home during this time.

Center Repertory Company presents a video series called ReActs. Artistic Director Michael Butler has invited artistsfrom the stage to revisit a favorite role or send a musical message.

Chicago Opera Theatre presents Opera for All Virtual Classroom featuring activities and resources for anyone looking to learn more about music and opera at home!

Chicago Shakeseare Theater has posted a Watch and Listen section with video and audio archives from past performances as well as new ones for you to enjoy!

Keep Creating is a College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU) virtual initiative that creates spaces for University of Maryland’s artists and humanists to share their works and for anyone to experience UMD’s various arts offerings from home.

Columbus Symphony released a beautifully curated virtual performance of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah, performed by the musicians and chorus of the Columbus Symphony.

Join Cygnet Theatre’s Interview Series for an intimate and introspective chat featuring the actors, playwrights and designers you love!

Tune in to Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s FWPhil2U for a wide variety of Philharmonic favorites offered just for you. From Musically Speaking Online Sessions, to WBNI/WBOI Weekly Programs and Educational Resources, there is something for everyone.

Join Nashville Opera and watch their children’s opera, The Enchanted Forest. Get ready for bright sets and costumes, four professional opera singers, and a pianist. It’s 40 minutes of opera fun plus a timely lesson about caring for your family and planet!

Nashville Rep has revealed its Virtual Season Reveal Party to announce each of the shows in their 36th season!

NC Theatre Conservatory’s gifted students are sending virtual joy with the Quarantunes project with over 50 filmed songs!

SF Performances is sharing memorable concerts from the past for you to enjoy from the comforts of your home! Each performance was recorded live at the Herbst Theatre, from 2004–08.

Explore Sarasota Orchestra’s Music Moves Us evergrowing collection of video messages and music, concert recordings, and more.

Seattle Opera’s Opera at Home initiative is intended to find different ways to bring you the art form you love. From video playlists of past favorites to family-friendly Opera Time sessions, new podcasts, streaming Opera Talks, and more.

Visit Seattle Symphony’s Youtube Channel for recordings of old performances so you can enjoy the music right from home!

Visit Seattle Symphony’s Tiny Clips for Tots playlist to explore video learnings for kids and Meet the Instrument Crafts playlist to learn more about the instruments and make your own version at home!

South Coast Rep’s podcast is available online where performers discuss their experience in the plays and thoughts!

Explore The Old Globe’s Online Theater Programs from online workshops to archives, there’s plenty of activities you can find in their collection for you to do!

The Tech Interactive has pulled together a collection of lesson plans and activities that can be adapted for at-home learning. You’ll find a variety of materials for different grade levels, subjects and levels of independence!

Triad Stage is offering a plethora of virtual events online and are constantly updating through their Facebook page!

BAMPFA From Home is a collection of newly released films selected by their curators. Rental prices vary from streaming partners, but they help support BAMPFA.

A Night In by WPA is a curated package to share a night of art and inspiration with you—even if we can’t be together to see Jenny Lin’s live performances.

Virtual Theatre and Dane at Wayne bridges social distancing with dynamic performances, narratives and stories.

Young People’s Theatre’s Education & Participation team share some of their favourite “indoor” drama activities with you and your loved ones in a series called Inside With Imagination!

Past Events

On May 13th 4:00-5:00PM EDT, join Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Artistic Producer Emily Tarquin (they/them) as they discuss how non-binary actors navigate an industry built on the binary.

On May 14th at 5:00PM CST, join American Conservator Theatre Director of Dramaturgy and New Work Joy Meads hosts a conversation about a rich dramatic text. After reading the same play, the group will gather on Zoom to discuss. Each play comes with a suggestion for dinner from a local restaurant and/or a drink recipe from a local mixologist. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s play Gloria is first!

Join Omaha Community Playhouse’s Dinner and a Play at home on May 15th at 7:30 PM CT for the live stream of What A Kid Did With A Piano. The streaming link will be available after!

Combating Anxiety Series: Workouts

With the closures of gyms and fitness studios in response to nationwide stay at home orders – personal fitness might be the easiest thing to cut from our routines. However, the best at-home workouts don’t necessarily require a ton of equipment – or any equipment at all.  Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, as well as helps relieve stress, improves memory, sleep, and boosts your overall mood. Here’s a list of our current favorites:

1. Yoga/Barre

Yoga is known for not only its focus on toning, stretching, and building muscle, but also its ability to stimulate and ease the mind. The Intentional Journal of Yoga published a  study that showed that students who practiced yoga on a regular basis performed better in academics and improved stress levels.

If you’re feeling stressed, take a quick 15-20 minute break to practice a yoga flow to bring energy back to your mind and body! If you’re a beginner – Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube has a 30-day program titled Home that is easy to follow along, and add to your schedule. 

For a little more sweat – Barre is a popular workout that is inspired by yoga and pilates, but also infuses some dance elements as well, such as ballet. Barre Fitness has been releasing online barre courses to its YouTube channel that you can incorporate into your routine at home with minimal to no equipment!


HIIT workouts, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a form of training that is particularly beneficial to your heart and lungs thanks to its combination of short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. Barry’s Bootcamp is posting workouts on their IG TV/IGLive for you to follow along at home for a 10-30 minute workout! 

Crossfit is a hybrid of HIIT and weight training that helps reduce exercise boredom and adds an element of friendly competition! Crossfit is posting free beginner-friendly workouts online – the best part? Crossfit didn’t use intimidating trainers for their demonstration videos, instead, they used new students to show that anyone can do it!

3. Full Body

Full-body fitness workouts get your body moving and endorphins flowing. Through the Nike Training App there are hundreds of different workouts for you to try and most of them need little to no equipment! In addition, there are plenty of fitness YouTubers like Chloe Ting, Blogilates, and Jeff Nippard that are posting workouts that you can do right from home – for free! Subscription programs like Obé fitness offer free trials for you to test programs before committing!

There are plenty of online resources available for us to stick to our routines while we’re all still at home and maintain a sense of normalcy. By working on our physical fitness, we not only help strengthen our body but there are many other benefits to our mental and emotional beings as well! Let us know what you’re doing to stay fit at home!

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Combating Anxiety Series: Spring Cleaning

As we find ourselves spending more time indoors due to shelter-in-place, we might find ourselves staring at that overstuffed closet, or considering finally cleaning out that “junk drawer.” Now is the perfect time to start spring cleaning, disinfecting, and organizing your home with the products you already have. Creating a clean and tidy home allows you to have a calm workspace and lowers the chances of clutter transferring to your mental space. Here are some tips to start spring cleaning in a manageable way:

1. Create a To-Do List
Organizing everything might seem extremely overwhelming and you might not know where to start.  It’s best to start by creating a list of what you need to do; you can either work room by room or by category.  Sparking Joy author Marie Kondo suggests that laying everything out by category and then discarding anything that “doesn’t spark joy.” Both strategies can help you discard or donate things you no longer need.

2. 15-minute clean up at the beginning and end of the day
The reason our space gets overwhelmingly disorganized is that clutter compounds each day it isn’t taken care of. To avoid this, we recommend a 15-minute clean to start and end your day. If your family or housemates are willing to help, you can split the work and try to get as much done in 15-minutes as you can. This likely will include putting things back to where they belong and wiping down surfaces. Doing this every day will make cleaning a lot more manageable and keeping up with this routine will make a “deep clean” a lot less daunting and more manageable.

3. Make your bed every morning
Though this task might take you 5 minutes, it’s a great way to start your day and a made bed instantly transforms your whole room! Start your morning off right by accomplishing one simple task. Navy Admiral William McRaven says, “if you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another… Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.”

4. Upcycle old jars to house other dried goods or miscellaneous items around the house
Reusing old jars can reduce waste while displaying your things in a way that allows you to easily see what you have and what you don’t have. You can remove sticky labels from glass jars with these tips! Aside from using the jars to organize, you can also use old kombucha bottles to store surface cleaner; just pop a spray top on it or add a pump on top for hand or dish soap! 

5. Find DIY disinfectants to use around the house if you’re running low on cleaning products
With shortages on cleaning supplies, it’s easy to use this excuse to avoid cleaning. However, there are plenty of DIY cleaning products that you can make with ingredients you likely have around the house already. Good Housekeeping provides a few recipes to make your own cleaning solutions at home. The CDC shared tips about how to properly clean and disinfect surfaces in your house and included an at-home bleach solution recipe to properly disinfect surfaces.

6. Make cleaning enjoyable and fun
Cleaning can often seem like a chore; however, with the right environment, it can be fun. We recommend putting on a TV show or listening to music to make cleaning a little more enjoyable. Spotify has plenty of cleaning playlists online or make your own! Turn up the volume and have a dance party while vacuuming your floors. Do you need to let off a little competitive steam? Turn cleaning into a game and race against the clock! Compete with housemates or family members by cleaning as much as possible in an allotted time, or turn on your favorite Netflix show and try to complete a task before the episode is over!

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right environment and mindset, it’ll go by quickly! We hope these tips can help you organize your home and therefore create a space that relaxes you. Happy cleaning!

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Combating Anxiety Series: Social Activities & Streaming

With our work meetings moving to video conferencing, why not move our meetups with friends as well? Social distancing doesn’t equate to social isolation – We recommend using these platforms as a way to still feel close to your loved ones. Below you’ll find a few ideas we have to make time pass a little faster with genuine laughter between your friends and family!

1. Virtual Parties of Every Type

Workout parties, cooking parties, Netflix parties – why not have them all? Since you may already be doing these things on your own, why not call a friend and do these simple activities together? Through secondary extensions such as Netflix Party, you can easily watch a movie or binge a new series together. Find fun recipes online through online cookbooks such as Bon Appétit or free online workout classes like Orange Theory and do them with a friend virtually, it can make these tasks feel less monotonous and more fun.

2. Happy Hour and Coffee Dates

Grab a drink and hop on the phone with a friend for a quick check-in. It’s especially important during this time for us to check in our loved ones. It can be a short 15-minute call or even a few hours. However, regardless of the length, coffee or cocktails is a great excuse for catching up with friends and family and can alleviate any stress we might be feeling and bring back a sense of normalcy.

3. Online Group Games

Engage in friendly competition through a plethora of games! There are plenty of free games available online: From classic board games like Settlers of Catan and Codenames, or if you’re wanting more unique online games, try Jackbox Games which have party packs available for purchase. And if you’re wanting a puzzle, there are plenty of online jigsaw puzzles that you can work on with your friends! Regardless of which game you choose, there are more options than ever before to stay connected to friends across the street or across the country!

4. Online Workshops

Arts organizations are offering free online workshops that you can join. If you are looking to learn more about production, writing, acting, or dancing signing up for these courses are fun, engaging, and educational! One of MogoARTS’ partners, The Old Globe, is hosting online workshops such as their Community Voices workshop every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00PM PDT which teaches playwriting. Or, for a workshop that might get you sweating, Pennsylvania Ballet is hosting ballet classes every day at 11:00AM EDT on their Instagram Live.

These are just a few ideas to keep you entertained during your time at home and to stay connected with your friends and family. Almost everything you do now can be done with a friend virtually, so give them a call and set up a time to see a familiar face!

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Marketing Strategies Inspired by Arts Organizations: Part I

If you are an arts marketer, you have an advantage because your art creates marketing content. You simply have to decide when and where the content should be placed, so most of your work resides in marketing strategy. There are various tried and true digital marketing best practices for the arts, and we’ll walk you through some of them.

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