Collaboration Drives Success, Not Competition: Exploring MogoARTS Audience Exchange

November 29, 2018 Wilson Schaser

Back in October, we at MogoARTS had the opportunity and the pleasure to host a webinar providing an in-depth look at our Audience Exchange Program.

As digital marketing partner to more than 100 Arts organizations, we know that Arts patrons are often omnivores: while they are certainly loyal to their favorite organizations, they are also open to new experiences! We have also recognized how organizations have taken advantage of this patron behavior through collaboration, not competition, in order to drive sales and find new audiences.

Being the digital masterminds that we are, we naturally sought to leverage this existing collaboration and put it to work in the digital space for our clients.

Enter Audience Exchange, stage right:

Audience Exchange is a proprietary network that allows MogoARTS partners in cities across the United States & Canada to share their online site visitor audiences. These privacy-compliant pools of declared Arts patrons provide participating organizations with an easy-to-reach, middle-of-the-funnel prospecting segment to target with ads in display, mobile, video, native & more. We activate this segment alongside our usual demographic, contextual & behavioral prospecting strategies in order to provide the most robust acquisition strategy possible. The overall audience in a given market is deduplicated against your own site visitors to provide a truly unique local audience. This advanced targeting has driven millions of dollars in incremental revenue for our partners, at a far lower cost-per-action (CPA) than traditional digital prospecting methods.

As audiences spend more time online and with their devices, we have seen the Audience Exchange rapidly develop into a digital means to find those new audiences previously sought through print media and other traditional channels. In order to clearly demonstrate the superior reach, value, and measurability of the Audience Exchange vs. print, we have included a brief case study within the webinar detailing the success we have seen in our hometown market of San Francisco.

To date, there are more than 100 participating organizations across 24 marketplaces in North America, representing nearly 8 million patrons. If you’d like to learn more about the Audience Exchange in your market, please touch base with your Strategic Client Partner or Account Team. If you’re already an Audience Exchange participant, please spread the word to your colleagues; as audience pools grow, so too do the results!

Watch the full Audience Exchange webinar here.