September 11, 2018 Wilson Schaser

What began as in informal data co-op in 2014 has now surpassed 100 participating arts organizations across the US & Canada.  

How it Started

MogoARTS began supporting arts organizations back in 2008, and early on we recognized the power of collaboration amongst art organizations.  We saw arts patrons supporting a number of genres and organizations. We then created a permission-based data co-op to support our clients within a given market.

Where it is Today

The MogoARTS Audience Exchange is now comprised of 8 million patrons across 118 arts organizations within 24 markets across the US & Canada.  Our clients provide us with their patron lists (Name, Address, Emails, Cell #) and we convert them to cookies and/or device IDs, making them privacy compliant.  We can then target these patrons online with marketing messages across websites, apps, Facebook and more to drive incremental ticket sales. We measure the results of ticket sales and revenue within their ticketing platform, adding this highly targeted group into a client’s campaign, excluding their existing patron audience, then optimize it to increase campaign performance and ticket sales.    In this context, it becomes a true new-to-file prospecting segment and we see performance boosts of 3x-5x compared to alternative prospecting efforts.

It’s collaboration at its best and is a free service for MogoARTS clients.  

But wait, there’s more…

This past year we partnered with TRG Arts to power their Data Center Digital which is the digital aspect of their Community Databases.  In a similar manner, we have converted their collective patron database of millions of ticket buying patrons from hundreds of arts organizations, within the 23 markets they support.  TRG partners can go to TRG’s portal and purchase ads from MogoARTS targeting their local patron audience. MogoARTS executes these campaigns and provides a link to a reporting dashboard.    

To learn more about how the MogoARTS Audience Exchange can help you drive more ticket sales contact us at