Download: MogoARTS Audience Exchange Report 2017

August 21, 2017 Sarah Chapman

We are so excited to share that MogoARTS’ Audience Exchange is officially operating in 25 markets across the United States and Canada, with over 100 participating organizations!

As arts marketers, we love to see like-minded arts organizations collaborating towards similar goals to provide culture and quality entertainment to audiences around the globe. MogoARTS’ Audience Exchange is a free, 100% opt-in program in dozens of cities across the U.S. & Canada. It is a scalable solution for arts and cultural organizations to advance their digital marketing efforts and cost-effectively grow their new audience reach.

Download our Audience Exchange Results 2017 to learn how audience exchange has resulted in:

  • 55.6 million impressions served so far
  • 9,000 transactions for $1.511 million in revenue
  • 21% better cost-per-action than traditional prospecting
  • 361% return-on-ad-spend (16% better than traditional prospecting)

Download the Audience Exchange Results HERE.