Go Mobile: Half of Your Patrons Are

August 10, 2015 mogoarts

Your patrons are on mobile devices, but is your digital marketing?

If it’s not, you could be excluding more than half of your potential new audiences.

The mobile vs. PC market is becoming incredibly disparate. Early this month, Gartner and IDC, two leading industry analysts, reported that PC sales were down in Q2 by as much as 11.8%. In contrast, the use of mobile devices as a percentage of time spent online is expanding.

In its Global Mobile Platform Report, comScore reported that 61% of all time spent on media in the US is with mobile devices, while only 39 percent is on a desktop or laptop computer. In Canada, this pattern holds true but is less pronounced  – more media time is spent on mobile than PC (52 percent on mobile vs. 48 percent  on PC).

While this split is fairly dramatic in both regions, the most interesting part of comScore’s report focuses on the mobile-only user. Someone who is “mobile-only” will only interact with digital media on a mobile device. If you think there aren’t too many people who would fall into this category, think again. In the US alone, nearly 50 percent of audiences interacting with the top 100 digital media providers are mobile-only. This becomes more pronounced in younger US demographic groups.

While they might not represent a majority of your subscribing patrons yet, Millennials are a mobile-loving bunch. As they age, they’ll likely remain in this “mobile first” mindset. Over 90 percent of Millennials in the US, UK, and Canada already have smart phones.

While cross-device targeting and attribution is still critical to maintaining an effective marketing strategy, mobile optimization is key.

Without considering your patrons’ mobile experiences with your brand,  you could be alienating a large percentage of them and ultimately missing out on conversions.