Dynamic Product and New-To-File Dashboards

August 24, 2016 Sarah Chapman

MogoARTS is excited to share our two new premium reporting opportunities for Tessitura Users: the Dynamic Product Dashboard and the New-To-File Dashboard.

Dynamic Product Dashboard

The MogoARTS Dynamic Product Dashboard pulls data directly from Tessitura to show you what products your patrons are purchasing, the number of tickets, revenue, and much more. Most MogoARTS_Dynamic_Product_DashboardMogoARTS_New-to-File_Dashboardcampaign reports provide conversion and revenue reporting, however, these can leave out valuable details about your transactions, such as what was purchased, and by whom.  MogoARTS’ premium level Dynamic Product Dashboard fills this void by showing which events or products your patrons are purchasing and how they correlate back to your online advertising campaigns.

Capture New Insights Correlated to Your Online Advertising:

  • Create a better informed marketing strategy
  • Track subscription, membership, and contributed transactions
  • Track discounts
  • Track subscribers/members, single ticket buyers and donors

New-to-File Dashboard

The MogoARTS New-To-File dashboard reveals patrons by lifecycle stage that are specifically correlated to your online campaigns. The dashboard shows which audiences are responsible for driving revenue and helps you develop a smarter digital marketing strategy. This will allow you to interact with your most valuable users and grow your most opportune audience segments.

Elevate your Digital Strategy to a More Advanced Level:

  • Bring new insights to your campaigns by understanding what type of audiences they attract.
  • Develop a patron-level marketing strategy that focuses on growing the revenue potential and loyalty of your new and existing audiences.
  • Couple the New-To-File Dashboard with MogoARTS’ Dynamic Product Dashboard for even greater insights.

With these new premium dashboards, you can stay ahead of your competition and take your digital marketing to the next level.

Download the New-to-File Dashboard Information Sheet HERE and the Dynamic Product Dashboard Information Sheet HERE.

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