Updates to Facebook’s Mobile News Feed

September 27, 2019 Sarah Chapman

In August 2019, Facebook’s mobile posts and ads received an update so that they would match the social platform’s new design that they unveiled earlier this year. We’ll briefly walk you through the two updates that they’ve made for mobile News Feed.

  1. The number of lines of primary text shown on Facebook News Feed on mobile has been decreased to three lines. To display more text, users must click to reveal the remainder of text.
  2. The tallest supported aspect ratio of photos without links and videos has been reduced to 4:5 on mobile News Feed. If this maximum media height is exceeded, it will be masked on Facebook News Feed Mobile.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Facebook says that they made these changes to their text, photos, and videos to “simplify their formats and improve the consistency of their mobile experience.” These changes are expected to make mobile Facebook News Feed ads more effective while also making it easier for advertisers to use the same creative assets on both Facebook and Instagram. 

We hope that you have found these updates helpful. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at hello@mogointeractive.com.

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